The User Interface

Let's take a look at how to use Brainstory!

1. Start a new idea

Click the "New Idea" button to open the door to your creative space. You can also click “start this thought” on the question of the day in the dashboard!

2. Express yourself

Tap the red microphone button to let your thoughts flow. Your digital coach is listening!

3. Pause and reflect

Click the red stop button when you've shared your thoughts. A transcript will show up with what you’ve said, word-for-word.

4. Fine-tune your message

Double-click on the transcript to make edits. You don’t have to take this step! You can verbally polish your ideas without interrupting your creative flow by just saying what you want to change. You can just say, “scratch that,” or “I’d like to not go in this direction,” or “let’s move on,” or “forget I said X, Y, or Z, I’m starting over,” and Brainstory will work with you!

5. Share the brilliance

Hit the blue "Send" button to share your insights. Your digital coach responds with questions, turning your creative process into a productive conversation.

6. Keep the momentum

Continue the Brainstory banter. Repeat the process until your idea is refined to perfection.

7. Wrap it up

When you feel satisfied, click "Finish Conversation" and celebrate a job well done.

8. Spread the inspiration and get feedback

Click "Share" to gather feedback. Brainstory is for everyone!